Self-proclaimed godman Swami Om is no stranger to controversy. Neither is he a stranger to violence on television. Well, in this case, the tables turned on the former Bigg Boss 10 contestant as he was called as a chief guest at an event in the Capital, and ended up being beaten up by the organisers. So much so, that his wig came off, and the man walked out of the premises in a huff, fake hair in hand!
The incident took place at an event celebrating Nathu Ram Godse’s birth anniversary in Delhi’s Vikas Nagar, where Swami Om was called as a chief guest – a fact that irked many present, especially a woman, who raised her voice against the inclusion and felicitation of a man who has made lewd and controversial remarks against women on several public platforms. In spite of the organisers attempting to silence the lady, it wasn’t to be.

Unable to bear the humiliation much longer, Swami Om and his entourage got up and started walking off in a huff, when the organisers pounced on him from the stage and started beating him up. Others joined in, and in the scuffle Swami Om’s wig came off. Some might even say that he was called just to get attacked.