A video clip showing Saudi Arabia’s King Salman teaching etiquette of eating and drinking to US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump has gone viral.

The occasion was a get-together of Saudi and US officials in Riyadh. All were served sweets, coffee and some other halal beverages. Trump sipped the beverage using his left hand while Melania ate a piece of sweet with her left hand.

King Salman immediately asked them to stop using left while eating and drinking. “Use right hand,” he said.

Without any delay, Trump shifted the small beverage cup from his left hand to right hand. Melania too followed him and appreciated the etiquette-consciousness of the 81-year-old king.

Eating and drinking with left hand is considered as an act of arrogance in the Arab world. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has urged his followers to eat and drink only with right hand.