Hula hoops have been a playground staple for generations of schoolchildren and for many, that is exactly where they have stayed. If you never considered hula hooping to be an area of interest, then let this young woman change your mind.
This beautiful woman in Chicago refused to be deterred from her favorite childhood activity and has since become known online as the Queen of the Rings. When she introduces the hoop into her act, that is when the moves get really insane. She certainly looks well practiced in her art. The hypnotic videos incorporate amazing gymnastics and flexibility to perform gravity defying routines.

The footage upload on to YouTube shows the Queen of the Rings in an airport lounge showing off her skills. Beginning by spinning the hoops up her body at speed she soon moves on to more complicated techniques including using her neck, forehead and even her hair tied in a bun. Such amazing agility to perform this feat and she keeps a smile throughout. I think this girl is a natural performer.

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