Acrobatic Gymnastics combines a number of gymnastics elements and skills into a fun, team-based environment, providing a great platform for building balance, co-ordination, strength and teamwork. There are three types of routines- balance’ routine where the focus is on strength, poise and flexibility; a ’dynamic’ routine which includes throws, somersaults and catches, and a ’combined’ routine which includes elements from both balance and dynamic.
Here in this video you can see, these three girls are showing incredible performance on the stage that is really stunning. After watching this video you will be able to realize how advanced gymnastics has progressed over the years. This is just almost unbelievable!

This acrobatic gymnastics is even more exciting because they perform in a group. This Ukrainian team at the finals of the Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships in Wrocław, Poland. They display such incredible flexibility and precision during their routine, it’s hard not to be blown away. The trio did not win 1st place, that honor went to the Russian team, but their fantastic performance earned them 3rd place and it’s is wonderful to watch!

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