For any dancer, there are some days when staying on the music can feel almost impossible. But the dancers of the China Disabled Peoples’ Performing Arts Troupe are known for performing with exquisite musicality even though they are deaf.
Founded in 1987, the China Disabled People’s Performing Arts Troupe enact some of the most enchanting and intricately choreographed dances, plays and operas you will ever experience. The members of the dance group may not be able to rely on music to synchronize their movements, but their teachers have developed a method to help the performers stay on the music.

Without hearing, dancers use sound vibrations to interpret the beat; without sight, musicians use breathing patterns to keep pace. By clapping to the beat, the teachers create vibrations that the dancers can feel in their body. This approach allows the dancer to sense the beat without using their ears and has helped them develop a fluidity to their movements. After finishing this video, you will be amazed and think how it is possible. 

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