Most of the people keep themselves away from the place when they come to know that there is single snake near him/her. You may be one of them. You will one of them like the above people. It should not show any dare when it is a venomous snake. But a man has kept a long snake in his curling hair and desperately moving here and there.
This dare man has done the unthinkable after tying a snake to his hair and walking about freely to the shock of many.  Many were left baffled after a man tied a snake to his hair and went about his business like nothing happened. In the video which was shot in South America, the man could be seen happily wandering around while a snake was curling in and peeping its head from his hair.
He seemed totally unworried and in funny mood as his mates filmed him walking on the street. It is believed the snake is a pet, but how it easily was twisted in the man’s hair has left many people seriously baffled. This is really bizarre hobby or fun.

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