Animal circuses are inherently cruel, and some organizations are working hard to end them because we know frightened animals are beaten into performing uncomfortable tricks in front of noisy crowds. But some circus authorities are showing the performance of these animals taking permission of their national animal husbandry organization. 

The brother and sister who handle the six-year-old big cat called Zena have denied claims of animal cruelty and defended their actions, saying they feared a bloodbath. He dragged the tigress by her tail to move her away from the edge of the ring as buckets of water were emptied on the Siberian big cats, and denied using a stun gun. Handler Artur Bagdasarov, fearing other tigers would instinctively attack the weakened animal causing a bloodbath, was then seen trying to drag the twitching Siberian tigress away by the tail.

The shocking video shows the tigress convulsing on the side of the ring, clearly in a great deal of pain. Artur Bagdasarov said he and his sister Karina were worried the six other tigers would attack the fallen animal at the circus in Magnitogorsk, Russia. All the while Artur uses a long stick as a whip to keep six performing tigers from coming nearer. Bagdasarov explained that his first priority was to drag the tiger away from the cage and out of harm’s way. Splashing the tiger with water was necessary to resuscitate her. Stupid people clap their hands.

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