Billions of people around the world live in energy poverty. This does not mean they have no energy – they may use kerosene lamps or candles for lighting, for instance. But it does mean that the energy they have is not sufficient, reliable, affordable or safe enough to meet their basic needs for lighting, heating and cooking, or to support a decent life. It is clear to us, the fossil fuel that we are using will come to an end. We should use another system to save the energy.

Here in this video, the man has shown how to generate electricity just using magnets and electric cable or coils. After watching this video, anyone will be able to make this simple project within a short time. This project will remove the darkness at the time of loads shedding or the places where that are out of the inhabitants. For making this effective free energy project, you will need two magnets, coil and electric dc motor.

So, follow the instructions of the video and make this simple but effective free energy generator device with magnet and dc motor. You need not spend money if you collects these elements from your storehouse. This is really an amazing invention.

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