You have been squinting, licking your fingers for years or doing whatever you can do get a really tiny end of a thread into an even tinier hole. As long as people have sewed, they have probably been frustrated by attempting to push thread through needles.

It turns out an easy alternative to aiming your thread at a needle and missing a dozen times has been available to us all along. Twitter user John Bick shared a video from a crafting site that went viral for being extremely helpful. No wonder it is going viral. So what is this helpful nugget of information that is making everyone go crazy? Find out in the video below.

Instead of wetting the end of a string and attempting to stab it through the needle’s eye, lay the thread on your hand or some other surface. Press the eye of the needle against the center of the thread and twist it: You should see the needle pull a long loop through its eye with little effort on your part. Now all you have to do is pull one end of the loop all the way through to get a perfectly threaded needle.

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