Moisture in headlights can be a frustrating problem to deal with. Not only does that fogginess affect the amount of light the unit projects, but it can also cause corrosion over time inside the assembly. This is a very common issue faced by many car drivers. The moisture causes the headlights to not work appropriately, thus making it treacherous to drive at nighttime. So, it’s important to fix it immediately.

You can remove the moisture from the tiny glass house in different ways. If you notice more water inside the housing after a rain storm, you you could find a cracked headlight or a problem with the rubber gaskets that seal it to the body.

The problem is damage or loose of caskets. Most of the time, gaskets can be replaced individually. But you have to have some instruments to open it. Then you can fix it. Even a small crack can let water in over time, so in this case you have got to get them fixed or replaced to fix the problem. You can also follow the instruction of the video to get clear ideas to fix the problem.

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