Hummingbirds are beautiful little birds and fun to watch flit about when they pay your house a visit, but they also like to tussle with each other, and other birds, which then becomes a different kind of spectacle. 30 Allen’s hummingbirds start having a pool party that captured on camera.

More than 30 hummingbirds take a morning bath together in a Beverly Hills backyard. They are chilling and hanging around that appears to be a luxurious bubbling bath. Photographer wildwingsla captured the amazing footage that shows a charm of thirty hummingbirds partaking in their daily ablutions together in a bubbling bird bath.

The photographer made particular note of the peaceful co-existence of the bathing birds, particularly since they are known to be a bit territorial. The harassment he is referring to is the competition over his outdoor nectar feeders, which provide sweet nourishment for the tiny critters. Regardless of their squabbling for food or turf, this peaceful clip of their morning ritual is sure to soothe even the more anxious of viewer.

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