When the great festival \’Christmas\’ comes, people celebrate the day with great joy. All the houses are decorated with lights and Christmas gift. The days become a day of festival. But it seems the cat did not like this festive arrangements.

The hilarious video shows the cat, named Taiga, is taking an instant dislike to Christmas decorations on a bookshelf. The cat is not so jolly for the arrangement and clearly very resistant to the impact of the festive season on her personal domain. The cat carefully pushes every individual ornament off her owner’s shelf one by one.

Her owner, Christelle, has to resurrect her figurines on a regular basis at their home in Sweden. It seems the dog is doing such by showing his owner. Taiga is done with the tirade and is ready to let a handful of the figurines stay perched on the cabinet. He also stops himself for checking the environment of his human friend and she continues the culling of the figurines, leaving just two standing. Taiga’s antics are in stark contrast to that of Scooter, a cat that loves Christmas so much he climbed his owner’s tree…despite weighing seven kg.

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