For animal shelters, the holidays are a rough time for several reasons. They actually expect to get different kinds of food but they do not get such thing. They only get some non-tasty toys.  The breeders purchase puppies and kittens as surprise Christmas presents.

An animal shelter that performed magic for their dogs up for adoption to help show off their personalities has struck gold with their reactions. A TV network recruited Magician John Stessel teamed up with TBS to raise awareness about all of the dogs available for adoption this holiday season. The magician performs the classic disappearing treat trick. Their reactions made me smile so much, especially Luna the puppy’s.

The reaction of the dog is so innocent. Just a magician having some fun with adorable dogs. There are several more dogs in the video whose reactions are absolutely priceless! Viewers get to see the lighter side of these pets that we might not otherwise get to see unless we visited the shelter. All the dogs featured are up for adoption at Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in Wantagh, New York.

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