If you think babies that babies don’t know how to do things, then you are living in the fool’s paradise. Children figure out how to move around this world faster than their parents anticipate. They learn by watching and they learn from experience.

A proud California papa shared video of his "genius" baby son cushioning his dismount from an adult’s bed by putting down a layer of pillows. This father, however, went a bit further than most parents do by deeming his son a “genius.” This little boy seems to have experienced falling off the bed quite often, because this time he’s figured out a better way to get down from that mattress!

He begins by sticking out his leg out off the edge of the bed. When the ground feels scarily far away, he stumbles back in and looks around for something to help him. So he comes up with a plan. He grabs some pillows and stacks them beside the bed, ultimately allowing for a safe, soft landing. Clearly, he’s already got the mind of an engineer. Francisco Aguilar (dad of the baby) posted a video to YouTube of tentative attempts to get down from a bed.

Watch the clip below and decide for yourself if this little tyke is indeed a genius. Don’t forget to share this video with your friends and on Facebook.