The wonders of nature, where the most unlikely of wild animals are the best of friends. Alligators scare off nearly all predators, including humans, so some birds use them as bodyguards. Some birds have cleverly figured out that if they build their nests above alligator hangouts, the gators will scare away most intruders. But this brave bird uses an alligator as boat for hunting its prey from water.

A visitor to Florida’s Gatorland captured an unusual, but not uncommon, display of unity between a local gator and a heron while exploring the park. This is not unusual here for the birds bit it is really an interesting scenery for the visitors.

Here in this video you can see the heron is standing on the back of the alligator which is moving slowly in water. It seems the the alligator is carrying his friend to reach her to the fishes. Actually the gator noticed it but was unable to catch this annoying bird.

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