We sometimes believe others a number of different things in our lives. Some of them seem reasonable and some are unreasonable when we look back on them in our adult lives. Perhaps something that we may have believed at some time in the past is that we were able to turn invisible. A prankster makes a man fool by turning invisible.

Here in this video, Justin Willman sets a new show to do just that. he then post it on Netflix, and its name is Magic for Humans. He is able to perform many elaborate tricks on the street that leave people amazed at what they are seeing or perhaps with what they are not seeing.

The social experiment started with a flash-mob being set up after an ad was put on Craigslist to recruit help in convincing someone that they’re invisible.  It was to recruit somebody to convince them that they were invisible. It sounds crazy but the results speak for themselves. Sounds bloody bonkers, doesn’t it?

No matter what the person reacted, but the group pretend as if they didn’t see the man. They got together and waited for an unsuspecting victim and in the meantime. This is really hilarious.

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