Man has learnt the knowledge to conquer space but soon after returning to Earth, he might struggle to do a simple job: to walk. Astronauts generally find simple tasks like walking and running very difficult after spending a considerable amount of time out in space. Astronaut A.J. Feustel, who made International Space Station his home for 197 days, returned to Earth recently and share his interesting video.

He shared the video of himself struggling to walk and adapt the gravitational force of Earth. The video shows he is struggling to negotiate with the planet’s gravity and even walk a short distance. It is likely that after spending extended periods of time in space, simple tasks like walking will become extremely difficult.

Feustel, who is an expedition 56 commander, along with flight engineer Ricky Arnold completed six spacewalks at the International Space Station in 2018, informed NASA. Astronauts exercise for about two hours every day when in space to keep up muscle mass and bone density while in micro-gravity, but that doesn’t mean that it’s automatically simple to walk upright in Earth’s gravity.

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