An Asian black bear called Claude has become an internet hit after being filmed doing \’kung fu\’ moves with a stick. This bear is an Internet meme involving an Asian black bear who skillfully twirls, throws and catches a long staff.

The bear at the Asa Zoo in Hiroshima, Japan, has developed an ability to twirl a stick around his head giving him the nickname \’the Kung Fu Bear\’. When he first arrived at the zoo in 2002, zookeepers supplied him with long sticks to play with. Claude has become adept at manipulating them in a style reminiscent of a Kung Fu performance

In the footage, the bear is first seen pushing the stick around before picking it up and spinning it around his head using his paws. At one point the bear even throws the rotating stick into the air and catches it. The three-minute clip was captured by Canadian zoo visitor Alex Graham. The animal, thought to be a moon bear due to the distinctive white marking on his chest, was filmed spinning a 5ft-long stick around his paws, head and shoulders.

The internet believed this video to be a spoof, fake, edit, joke, hack or whatever term you want to apply. The video taker hopes this clears it up for everyone now. But it is clear that the behavior of the bear is natural.

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