As pet owner, it is known to us that cats love to play with things they get curious about. So we either buy the toys we think they’d be interested in or we make stuff ourselves. After all, there are so many DIY cat toys that are so easy to make for one’s feline friend. 

Here in this video, the Youtuber and craft maker has shown how to build easy and extremely entertaining game whack-a-mole from cardboard. You will be able to collect the materials easily. You will need: cardboard, 2-4mm metal wire, PvC pipe, some wood and black textile.

You can also use another materials instead of these to build these type of toys. You can use anything you want such as cardboard pipes instead of PVC. This whack a mole game will train your cat’s reaction and concentration. It is not only a fun game but also an educational training simulator for your pet.

If you want to build this funny game for your cat friend, you have to follow the instructions of the video below. You can also add another materials applying your own creativity. You can also design it according to your pet’s choice. So simple, so easy to make, and it didn’t cost him a thing! Plus, the kitty is having so much fun with it.

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