Elephant siblings are extremely funny that you may see. When a new baby is born and the youngest is no longer the center of attention, they sometimes get grumpy and throw tantrums. They will also push around the younger sibling, like humans do. But that is clearly not the case here, or maybe the younger sibling is trying to take their revenge.

Here in this video you can see an elephant calf is trying to push his big brother into a water pool in their enclosure. The baby male elephant seems to have the knack at annoying his big brother by often play-fighting with him, though the patient older brother does not push back this time. The moment was captured at zoo in Germany.

The cameraman says, “This one is trying it\’s best to push the bigger one into the water. He keep running into him and pushes again and again.\" The older brother did not appear too concerned by his younger siblings efforts, brushing him aside with ease. The older brother didn\’t show any anger to him that generally human do. This is really a adorable moment.

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