Netflix’s buzzy new horror film “Bird Box” has people online attempting a new kind of challenge: going about everyday tasks blindfolded. When the world has become enthralled by the Bird Box Challenge, one group of friends has laughed at how they undertook such a task years earlier – by kissing alligators.

The footage was captured at Colorado Gator Farm, USA, where each year they host gator wrestling classes - which is apparently their fun means of carrying out health checks on alligators before winter. Gator handler Jason McDonald, 37, dug out footage of his friends Natasha Burdo, Charlie Fox, Tiffany Ann Bradford and Scott Newcombe wading through waters to tackle gators blindfolded, before offering the creatures a kiss on the head.

They were doing this before the ‘Bird Box Challenge’ was even a thing. The idea for their earlier Bird Box Challenge, Jason said, came about because each year they host a gator wrestling class, helping collect as many gators as possible for wellness checks before the winter. Jason and co. decided to add an element of difficulty for skilled catchers, requiring them to be blindfold during proceedings when many people come back year on year.

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