We all should pay hid to the superiors and do anything according to their advice because they are experienced. Mother is only one who always advises for our welfare. Two guys get instant karma  when they don’t listen to their mother.

Two guys decided to cut down a tree that was at the corner of their house. They were trying to fell the dead tree in the correct direction. But it goes another direction. His brother, the videographer/narrator of this clip, is smart enough to get the hell out of the way. Oops, forgot about the pickup.

One of them who was narrating and shooting the video, and another one was chopping down the dead tree with a chainsaw, and there’s the pickup truck that the falling tree crashes down on. The tree crashes down on it that was like a planned movie stunt. There is a reason for the phrase “Mom knows best.” You guys probably should listen to her a little more often.

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