Earth slides & avalanches are natural factors. There are so many reasons behind these factors. Generally this movement is induced either because the stresses in the slope are altered,perhaps by increasing shear stress or decreasing the effective normal stress, or by reducing the resistance to the movement perhaps by decreasing the shear strength of the materials within the landslide. Landslide dating is an interesting topic in the evaluation of hazard. The knowledge of the Landslide frequency is a fundamental element for any kind of probabilistic evaluation. Furthermore, the evaluation of the age of the landslide permits to correlate the trigger to specific conditions, as earthquakes or periods of intense rains. In the footage we have noticed horrific as well as deadly earth slides that is really hard to imagine of this. On the other hand,avalanches is a fall or slide of a large mass, as of snow or rock, down a mountainside. this is too dangerous for human living beside the mountains while happening of such tremendous natural disasters. lives become so helpless at the time of happening such things around the natures. However,this is high time reduced these natural disasters. Total prevention is not possible but we reduce to some extent. Guys please share this among your friends & families so that they can be conscious of this natural aspects!