Normally you will not afraid of seeing a snake but you will get frightened to watch a group of rattlesnakes in a den living together. These snakes are too serious and once you are bitten by them,there is no chance to get back your life once again. In the footage you guys will notice that a group of rattlesnakes are living together in a den. Your skin will crawl after watching this horrific scene. This is rare to be found to watch. These snakes are never friendly but you will have the chance to run away if you are attacked by this. In addition,Rattlesnakes exist in a range of colors, depending on the species. Some colors include brown, grey and rust. Different species also have varying patterns, such as bands and diamonds.moreover, in the footage you will notice more that The head of a rattlesnake is triangular. Its eyes feature vertical pupils, similar to a cat’s. Rattlesnakes have excellent vision. The loreal pits are visible holes located between the snake’s eyes and nostrils.anyway, guys i think you will like this horrific footage. please share this among your Facebook and twitter. Wow!