In human life we have to suffer from various diseases. Of them some are common,some are normal and some are serious. Cyst is a common problem to the guys. So many guys are seen to suffer from this diseases. Nowadays medical treatment has been advance so much and at the same time men are getting free from such diseases. Anyway,guys if you follow the footage you will see that this guy has been suffering from cyst and he has been removed from such trouble. There are so many causes behind this troubles. In addition,Cysts can grow almost anywhere in your body or on your skin. There are many different types of cysts. Most cysts are benign, or non-cancerous. A cyst can appear as a bump on your skin. It may also feel like a small lump if it is growing just under your skin. Some cysts grow deep inside your body where you cannot feel them. However, they may cause other symptoms. Moreover,Cysts usually grow slowly and have a smooth surface. They can be tiny or very large. Most cysts are not painful.