Absolutely heartbreaking footage shows the moment a baby falls from a third-floor escalator to his death after his grandmother slipped. CCTV captures her falling as she carries him and dropping. You guys if you take a look in the footage you will see a terrifying shocking moment of this little baby. For many people, the scariest part about escalators is stepping onto that first step,or stepping off at the end. But safety experts say you could get seriously hurt while riding an escalator as well. You should at least think about your child’s safety before letting him or her ride on an elevator or escalator. In addition,Your kids can still ride the escalator, but be sure they do it safely. Tie their shoelaces before getting on the escalator. Moreover,stand in the center of the escalator, face forward, hold a parent’s hand, and step off at the end. Refrain from sitting or playing on the escalator,it should not be treated as an amusement park ride. Perhaps most importantly,learn where the emergency shutoff button is so that you can turn off the escalator if someone gets entrapped while riding. However,guys think you will like this footage. Please share this footage among your friends,families as well as on your Facebook,twitter.