Charlotte entered the world with an extremely rare case of primordial dwarfism and doctors informed parents that she most likely would not make it to her first birthday. Weighing in a barely one pound and ten inches long charlotte was the third child of the couple and was closer in size to a doll than a real life baby. In addition, charlotte was just as loved as her two other siblings and she was soon known as their miracle baby. While she had health struggles such as cysts on her liver and a weakened immune system, charlotte made it beyond her second birthday going against the doctors’ predictions. In fact, she surprised their predictions and she is now five years old and attending elementary school. Moreover,while her mother struggled with the thought of putting Charlotte in class amongst the normal kids, she admitted that the little girl is far stronger than she looks. She has a tutor who looks after her during the school day and while she is only 26 inches tall, she is very curious and eager to learn. Although Charlotte is a one in a million baby with some health problems, she is not the sort of person who will fade into the background. Anyway guys think you all will appreciate this footage. Think you all will like this footage. Please share this footage on your Facebook as well as twitter.