Cambodia is so unique from the rest of the world.  Kids in Cambodia get used to living in poverty and they will do anything they can do support their family. Cambodian kids are real hunters. They know what kind of snake to hunt and not get hurt and some kids know how to hold the snake certain ways so that the snake can’t bite them.
Here in this video, you can see two young children are catching snakes digging the hole of the soil. Their courage can really beat the courage of the adult people. They have vast experience of catching the snakes with their bare hands.

These two young children are out catching snakes in order to sell and help support their family in Cambodia. Although it is not confirmed, the content is still wild and mind boggling and these kids bravely snatch up snakes that are longer than them. They go to school for a few hours and spend their free times either helping their families or do things that western people might think it’s crazy.

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