Pythons use their sharp, backward-curving teeth, four rows in the upper jaw, two in the lower to grasp prey which is then killed by constriction, after an animal has been grasped to restrain it, the python quickly wraps a number of coils around it. Death occurs primarily by asphyxiation. Larger specimens usually eat animals about the size of a house cat, but larger food items are known; some large Asian species have been known to take down adult deer, and the African rock python, Python sebae, has been known to eat antelope. All prey is swallowed whole, and may take several days or even weeks to fully digest.
Here in this video, when some visitor went to visit near a small jungle, they saw an strange python in size. First they could not understand about this strange size. Next they could understand the actual reason. When some Impala was grazing near a python, one of them became the meal of the python.
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