A man suddenly falls in a murky pool that is filled with with dozens of alligators after his rope swing snaps. The man works in a gators’ farm then this happens. The name of the gator expert is Michael  who is a Gator Crusader’ Womer can be seen climbing down a wooden step ladder while feeding the deadly reptiles in the video that captured the close call.

The video shows the man is climbing on a house that is above from the ground for any reason then gets down from the ladder and tries to reach to another side of the pool hanging by a rope like Tarzan. The hungry alligators can be seen swarming in the water waiting to be fed.

The man then grabs a rope swing above the enclosure and tries to swing across the water – but the rope snaps under his weight. Then he falls on some gators body in the pool. It was not clear what happened later but he made it out of the pool alive.

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