From the Galapagos Islands to Antarctica, penguins encounter threats from predatory birds, marine mammals and sharks. Emperor penguins live on Antarctic coasts and they are considered the largest species of penguins.

They are the largest among the penguins, they have many natural enemies. Here the video shows a giant petrel bird sees a delicious lunch in emperor penguins that is a kid of them. The BBC team posted a video of a group of emperor penguins meeting this dangerous bird.

The penguins squeezed themselves and form a protection shell to protect themselves. A special little hero is saved for that day. Take a look at the scenes recorded on the camera by BBC team. Penguins in large colonies create a formidable defense against these predators by their sheer numbers, as do their swimming skills which include underwater maneuverability, swift exits from the sea and burst swimming speeds. The distinct black and white coloring of penguins is a type of camouflage called counter-shading, which helps penguins hide from predators and hunt prey.

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