There are more than few videos on the Internet that show ginormous alligators taking a stroll on a golf course, whether it’s here in the Houston area or in Florida where it’s a more usual occurrence. A Floridan woman, Norma Respess was entertaining family in from North Carolina at the Seven Springs Golf and Country Club Thursday when when an alligator walked by her carrying a massive fish almost half its size - in its mouth.

When Phyllis Respess’ husband, Nolan, saw the alligator, he immediately pointed it out. That’s when Norma pulled out her phone to capture the amazing moment. The alligator can be seen walking across the golf course, unperturbed by the people around him. It’s probably for moments like these that the term ’like a boss’ was invented. All it seems to care about is reaching the closest pond with its fish safe in its mouth.

Norma, who was on the 10th hole, hit a hole in one when she captured video of the reptile and posted it to social media. The bizarre moment was shared online on March 3. It has since collected over 1.1 million views on Facebook and another 8.8 million views on YouTube - and still very much counting. It is really mind blowing.

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