There is no relationship quite like a dog and its owner, and that is exactly what six loyal pooches proved when they waited outside a hospital for a full day after their owner had a stroke. The dogs were filmed waiting outside the entrance after they chased the ambulance carrying their owner.

Their owner, Luiz suffered a stroke and was taken with an ambulance to the Santa Casa Hospital in Cianorte, Brazil. The dogs chased after the emergency vehicle for many miles and then positioned themselves in front of the emergency entrance, howling.

The devoted pets refused to leave the entrance of the hospital. In a touching footage, the six dogs are chasing after the ambulance. The man has lived on the streets for 20 years, had a stroke. The dogs could be heard howling for hours after being separated from their human who was suddenly taken ill.

Luckily he was treated and released the next day. But Luiz left the hospital in a different exit and his pack of pals stayed behind until a volunteer from an animal welfare group shifted them. He has declined to accept help from homeless charities and his family, Simone said. He prefers to live on the streets with his strays.

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