No other animal has shaped its surroundings as thoroughly as you have. We are human and we probably got that name for having humanity. This woman is among them who have humanity. Lovely woman leaves scarf as blanket for dog sleeping in the cold Turkey

This woman didn’t know she is going to be a famous person of the world. This kindhearted woman didn’t know she is being filmed and has no idea that her act of kindness will ever make it into any public domain - let alone go viral. It should be for all the persons who are kind.

When the woman was returning home, she noticed an stray dog is lying beside walkway. She was more concerned about the stray dog when she saw this. Initially, she stood for a few seconds debating what her next steps would be as others walked past without even noticing the poor pooch.

Soon without thinking another Duygu, the kindhearted woman removes her scarf before laying her umbrella on the floor and draping the garment over the dog, who wakes up for a brief moment. This should be an example for all who don’t show a drop of kindness to the other creatures of the world.

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