Sometimes we become astonished seeing usual things but that are not usual like others. You may be confused reading this first sentence. But you will be clear when you will see the photos and the video. Have you ever come across an animal that resembled a sculpture cast in bronze? Yes or not?

On first glance, this dog does absolutely look like a statue, it’s quite astonishing. The dog first caught the internet’s attention when its owner, Sandra Pineda, from Quezon City in the Philippines, shared a photo of her beloved pet, Piper, online. She was surprised to see more than 10,000 likes in less than an hour. Apart from the reactions and thumbs up, there were thousands of users who had just one question in the comments section – “Is that a dog or a statue?”

At first internet users thought it was the statue of a dog. But people soon realized it was a real dog and not a statue. It is a sentient hound, a rare breed and looks very different from regular dogs. This medical student bought her when she was only two-months-old. The 22-year-old said she could not tell whether the online response was seriously initially, though she eventually took it to be a compliment.

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