In this peculiar world there is happening so many strange aspects around of us. Some are common,some are strange. These aspects are sometimes so difficult to believe.

This is such a strange footage where we have notice something special that is hardly be noticed. People them angle of god. They come in the world for the betterment of mankind. In the footage there a strange thing has happened that a little has been saved by the angles. This really hard to trust by the common people. Angles have maximum good features in their nature. Their main task is to help the helpless people. They are not available to the human beings. They are sent to serve the helpless & good people.

In this video we have come to know that the teen age girl & her relative & doctors have lost their all hopes to save her life & there was no possibility to get back her life once again,at that moment the angles appeared in her room,the sick girl luckily get back her life & recovered from her sickness. Though this unbelievable to the modern guys,nevertheless this we have to trust as because we are atheist,we believe in god & his mercy! Do you?