Alex and Anton Babich found something unexpected frozen into the surface of a lake in Indiana: a pike fish eating a bass. These two brothers were fishing on Wawasee Lake in Indiana when they came across the astonishing scene. At the time of eating a bass, both the fishes become frozen solid in ice, while on a fishing trip.
The jaw-dropping scene - with the bass hanging halfway out the pike’s mouth – was caught on video and went viral online. This pike was frozen in a block of ice with the bass it was trying to eat sticking out of its mouth. This was really a rare incident or sight that generally is not seen. It is not clear what actually happened at the time of freezing both the fishes.

They filmed themselves sawing into the ice to reveal the bass halfway down its attacker’s mouth, prompting many viewers to seek an explanation.  When some people left comments wondering if the photo was real, they set out on a quest to dig the fish out of the ice and videotape it as evidence.

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