With its beautiful beaches, fascinating history and stunning natural landscapes, Israel offers its visitors a great variety of experiences. Israel is a complex, intriguing, and significant state to visit no matter your background. The region draws travelers worldwide who come out of interest, religious pilgrimage, or to simply have a luxurious vacation. From desert to sea, Israel is anything but boring.

Those who visit gain a deeper understanding of life in one of the world’s most complicated places, and are sure to have an experience of a lifetime. The Dead Sea is a bizarre natural wonder where you can\’t sink. The Galilee region\’s natural beauty ticks all the boxes for those who want to hike in nature. And the Negev Desert\’s raw and rocky landscapes are ripe for adventure if you\’re seeking some dusty action. If old things aren’t your cup of tea, Israel has some great beaches, good outdoor opportunities, and a sophisticated cultural scene. An overview of the best places to visit in Israel:

1. Jerusalem

A gloriously dichotomous city it has over 20 Christian churches revering Jesus of Nazareth, the most famous being the Basilica of the Annunciation, on the site of where it is said Mary saw the Angel Gabriel. But also the largest Israeli-Arab city in the state and busy metropolis. Visiting the city feels like traveling back in time. While Jerusalem is known as the City of Peace, it also has a violent history. It’s been attacked 52 times, besieged 23 times and destroyed twice. It is known as a holy city due to the three major religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The historic Old City is divided into four quarters: Christian, Armenian, Muslim, and Jewish.

2. Masada

Situated in the Judaean Desert on a magnificent rock plateau, Masada is a fortress that holds a special place in Jewish history as the last site to fall to the Roman army, after being valiantly defended by a group of soldiers known as the Zealots. Within the Masada complex are the remains of the lavish palace that was constructed for King Herod the Great in a classical Roman style. The tale of Masada is one of Jewish heroics, 1000 inhabitants committing mass suicide rather than surrendering to their Roman enemies. Take a walk up the Snake Path to the top of Masada if you’re feeling adventurous, otherwise take the cable car or try walking the Roman ramp from the Western side of Masada. This site is said to be the finest and most complete example of this kind of architecture that has ever been found in the Roman world.

3. Dead Sea

The lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea got its name for a reason. The sea is nearly 10 times as salty as the ocean and its water is the saltiest on earth. While it’s definitely fun to float in, the Dead Sea is also historic, healthy and surrounded by gorgeous beauty. The minerals and salt from its water have been used in cosmetics for thousands of years. The water, as well as the mud of the Dead Sea, have medically proven benefits, healing people with severe joint problems and skin diseases. Spend some time experiencing a pure, inner relaxation by floating in the water and covering yourself with the healthy mud. And once in the Dead Sea area, you also should not miss Ein Gedi, a water oasis in the desert, and Masada with its fascinating view and cruel history.

4. Eilat

After traveling around Israel, taking in history, nature and culture, Eilat is the perfect destination in which to relax. Equipped with a great variety of beautiful hotels and resorts, this paradise at the very south of Israel offers many different activities. Its sumptuous beaches and an arid climate contributes make it a major resort city. It has some of the best diving in the world, likely due to the beautiful coral reef located here. If you dive, expect to see an astounding array of sea life. Visitors can take diving lessons along coral reefs and enjoy the stunning under-water world of the Red Sea. Other activities include swimming with dolphins, enjoying good food, or having a calmer day at the pool or the beach.

5. Sea of Galilee

Buzzing with historical sites, minarets, hot springs, and vast national parks, Sea of Galilee is the lowest freshwater lake on earth. It showcases rustic charm and awesomeness. The lake fed by Jordan river is surrounded by exciting landscapes, beaches, and enchanting views, making this freshwater lake reserve a must-visit. It’s a popular destination for Christian pilgrims who want to see where Jesus walked on water. The 65-km (40-mile) long Jesus Hiking Trail that visits places where Jesus worked his ministry is another draw. There’s a lot more to explore in Galilee. Kinneret area is known for its hot water springs. In total, there are 17 of ‘em! Treat yourself to massage, mud treatment, hot tub bath, and thermo-mineral pool in the lake area.

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