We have watched the greatest movie "IRON MAN 3" The heroes of the movie have some super power. It is an imagination of human mind. It is not so far from this day to be real this super power.
We are rushing to a future world where man will fly on air without aircraft. It is a milestone in the chapter of human flight.
JetMan Yves Rossy and Jetman Vince Reffet explore a "JetMan" that can fly as fast as 125 miles per hour. It is a wonder of the world.
Rossy once piloted fighter jets and passenger jets, but his passion is winged flight. He planned to invent a wing with machine after experiencing breath taking skydiving. He moved to Dubai for a special project to focus on training more people to take the skies flying. He invents a Jet and fixed it to his back and started flying. It was a kerosene-powered jets. The people were amazed to see the amazing scene.