In the event that you thought a piranha was unnerving, envision running into this goliath Tigerfish. In the event that you missed the scene or don’t watch River Monsters, Jeremy, the show’s host got a beast who had been going after “un-suspected” casualties down in the Congo River. The enormous fish was up to 6 feet long with teeth and jaws that could attack to even crocodiles.
This fish will make you reconsider before bouncing into any new waters. The tigerfish is known as what might as well be called South America’s piranha, just that it fits in with a totally isolate zoological family in the gamefishing scene. Specifically, the goliath tigerfish is the most popular of tigerfish and can weigh up to 150 pounds.
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During the fishing time if there is something unexpected thing or fish then what would happened? We have to think it silently for a few moments about the matter.
Piranha was caught by the man in the fishing time and he was totally astonish to see it. He tried his level best to control the wheal in hand. when he could not then another man came to help him. Together they brought out the fish. It is with a very attacking jaw and even could attack crocodile. They are about 6 feet long and weight up to 150 pounds. Especially one would never want to have such un-suspected member.