There are countless ways to create art, and results vary tremendously depending on technique. it is also called Pointillism or stippling that is the simple act of dotting ink onto paper and in this lesson we’re going to use it to make a beautiful portrait.

David Bayo is an artist from Strasbourg, France with a unique method of drawing breathtaking pen drawings.  David Bayo uses millions of dots to form the drawings he completes. He is a self-taught artist and spends hundreds of hours carefully placing tiny ink dots on a white canvas to create incredibly detailed portraits.

This is a video of artist David Bayo working on a piece entitled ‘Astrée’, which he estimates took approximately 300 hours and 3,000,000 tiny stippling dots to complete. That is a lot of dots. It took me about 300 hours and more than 3 million dots to complete this piece. Hope you guys will enjoy it. Let me know what you think of it.

To truly appreciate David Bayo’s skills, you need to lean in and examine his amazing artworks up close. Only when you see the millions of dots expertly placed by the artist over dozens, sometimes hundreds of hours, do you begin to understand the hard work and patience that go into each and every one of his stippled portraits.

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