There are so many such arguments that can cause deadly incidents among the the guys. Sometimes this too serious among the guys that can take away one’s life forever. little things can be in serious issue as well as may cause serious occurrence. Anyway,guys in the if you you follow the footage you will notice that between these two guys have occurred deadly incidents. A man attacks another man with a machete. this has happened in the market. You will see that A man wearing a red shirt can be seen running away from another man who is drenched in blood. The guy is has stumbled on the ground as well as the man brutally attacks him with a machete. In addition,in such a situation the others selfish guys have not come to help him or to rescue him. How man can be cruel!you can not imagine this. Moreover,we should not avoid the helpless guys in danger as well as we should extend our helping hands in danger of others. However,guys if you like this footage,please share this on your Facebook and twitter.