Some bridge may erect your body hair when you look down from the bridge. You may be habitable by walking on this bridge. But if it is a crystal clear bottom bridge, what will be the feelings of yours. All the steps will stop you because of a fear that you may feel you will fall from the bridge.
Glass breaks easily with a short hit or pressure. The owner of the bridge tested them with some heavy strike with a hammer. The striker struck the bridge several times but he could able to create some small fraction on the upper level of three level glass. The fundamental motivation to the people behind such compelling attractions is to give the guest stop while giving an affair they’d never really have the capacity to have something else.
Its capacity was amazing. All the test become successful after some extreme test. The first strike shattered the top layer of the glass but the lower two level was intact. Its span will 430 miters and it will be able to catch 800 people.

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