Everyone tries to show his/her intelligence everywhere to be an intelligent and the smartest one. If I am not wrong you have realized this better about the fact. Who don\’t want to be the smartest one in the party? You can check your sharpness of your brain justifying this amazing puzzle. If you can find out the solution you can think you are among them who are like Einstein.

It seems the puzzle is easy but it is little bit hard to solve. You need a little long thought about the puzzle. But you will be able to solve this problem if you think wisely.  Here we have provide a compiled a list of the best my son was playing with a book and tore out pages 7 8 100 101 222 and 223 how many pages were torn out puzzles.

The puzzle is-
My son was playing with a book and tore out pages 7, 8, 100, 101, 222, and 223. How many pages were torn out?

Can you solve this if you think your solution is right that is better. But if you are in confusion or fail to solve this puzzle, you can match your solution from the solution below.

In a Book, Odd and Even consecutive page number are always on the same page.
Example – 1 and 2 ,  3 and 4 are always on the same page.
Here –
First is 7 and 8 – odd and even so they will be on same page. ( 1 page ).
Second – 99 + 100, 101+102 even and odd, so they will on different page ( 2 page ). 
Third , 221+222 and 223+224 again even and odd so again on different pages. ( 2 pages ).
Total, 1 + 2 + 2 = 5 pages.
So total Pages that were torn out were 5.

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